Become an Affiliate and earn 25% Commission

My average customer buys one kilo per month at $65 USD (150 gr bags x 6) = $390 USD You get 25% if that for doing nothing but simply referring them with your own private Affiliate link.
That’s $97.50 USD per month per average customer. So you do the math. You save 10 people who really need this Kratom and we pay you through my website $975 USD per month.


  1. You need to first login or register as a user
  2. While logged into your account,  Click “Affiliate  Signup” Tab to complete  the form.
  3. In case you want to view affiliate dashboard or copy your Affiliate link, simply click “Affiliate Area” Tab  in your members area
  4. To view Affiliate link: Click “Creatives” in your affiliate dashboard
  5. To add your PayPal email: Click “Edit profile” in your Affiliate dashboard


Please ensure you update your PayPal email address when you log into your Affiliate Area in order to receive your payout